5 Reasons to Buy Onesies for Newborn Babies

Whether you are expecting or planning to buy a present for a baby shower, there are a lot of great reasons to buy onesies. Infant clothes are extremely important and can’t be understated. It may seem simple, but newborn onesies can be a life-savor when changing diapers or helping to keep your baby warm all day. There are a lot of reasons to invest in onesies for newborn babies, here are just five of them.

Reason #1: Onesies are Functional

One of the greatest reasons to dress your baby in a onesie is functionality. They fit snugly, so the baby is comfortable and warm. But they are loose enough to swap out onesies when needed. The wraparound shoulder design makes them easy to take off and put on. The snaps at the bottom are extremely useful. First, they are strong and fasten securely, so the onesie stays on as designed. Secondly, the snaps are easily unsnapped to make diaper changes easy and fast.

Reason #2: Onesies Keep Your Baby Warm

Onesies can be worn as a separate outfit during the warmer months. But when it starts getting colder, a onesie can add another layer of warmth. When a baby wears separate tops and bottoms, they can feel too cold. A onesie underneath can help prevent cool drafts and keep your baby cozy and warm. Also, shirts tend to ride up, leaving your baby’s midriff and back exposed. Onesies help keep your baby covered and protected.

Reason #3: High Compatibility

Caring for a newborn can be exhausting. They are demanding, and you have to feed, change, and hold them while managing your other household chores. You need something you can grab quickly and slip on your baby. A onesie is a great solution. They go with just about any other item, including baby boy or baby girl clothes.

Reason #4: Onesies and Outfit Backup Plans

One of the things new parents deal with is baby spit up. This is usually only a problem for the first few months, but it’s generally a given. No matter how much parents try to avoid it, babies are likely to spit up all over their clothes, especially their tops. A perk of having a onesie underneath the baby’s outfit is that the outer layer can simply be removed without having to change the entire outfit. This is especially helpful if you are out and about. Onesies come in a variety of cute styles and prints, so they can be worn as a shirt on its own.

Reason #5: Keeping the Diaper Out of Reach

Babies tend to pull on and play with their clothing. Once they get to a certain stage, they may pull on their diapers. Having to constantly readjust their diaper can become frustrating after a while. Onesies help keep their diapers out of reach, so babies have less of a chance of getting to their diaper to pull on it.

Bonus Reason #6: Onesies are Just Cute!

You may not need any other reason that the fact that a baby in a onesie is just too cute. There are tons of options when it comes to colors and styles. Onesies come in many sizes and designs. At Little Biscuits, you’ll also find our unique onesie with footies to help keep baby’s footsies warm too.


Order Onesies Today from Little Biscuits!

These five reasons are why it’s great to put babies in onesies. Whether they need an extra layer for warmth, or you want the functionality, they are a great clothing option for growing babies. At Little Biscuits, you’ll find our unique onesie design made from sustainable bamboo fabric. They are great for babies and for the environment too! Let us know if you need help choosing a onesie for your baby today!