Baby Shower Gift Ideas from Little Biscuits

The next time you go to a baby shower, show up with the “it” gift…clothing from Little Biscuits! We have the perfect gifts for a new baby girl or a new baby boy. Our bamboo baby clothes are soft, comfy, and hypoallergenic.

If you’re ready to shop, check out these baby shower gift ideas that will be sure to get plenty of “oohs” and “aahs” at your next shindig.

The Biscuit Footless Onesie

Make diaper changes easy for any new parent with a footless onesie complete with a functional two-way zipper. The Biscuit Footless Onesie is the perfect combination of coziness and breathability. It’s made of a super soft 100% bamboo/viscose blend. Babies won’t get sweaty feet when their little toes are allowed to be free in this onesie. Little Biscuits is proud to have earned the seal of acceptance from the National Eczema Association for this product.

Little Biscuit Sac

As you search for a new baby gift, the Little Biscuit Sac is a must-have. Mom and dad will be glad you bought this to help their newborn drift off to sleep. The sac has a neck opening that allows for two-way removal and a knotted bottom that keeps tiny toes warm. As with all of our products, you’ll find that it’s made of a 100% bamboo/viscose blend.

The Little Biscuit Two-Piece Lounger Set: Tee and Pants

Babies like to lounge too and this two-piece lounger set is perfect for it! This set is a pillowy soft blend of bamboo and viscose to provide cuddly comfort. When it comes to snuggly baby clothes, parents will love to put their babies in this set for playtime or nap time. It’s the “go-to” outfit for any baby who’s living the lounging life.

The Little Biscuit Blanket

Our Little Biscuit Blanket is the ultimate gift for any baby to get wrapped up in. It’s ideal for swaddling or just about any time when you want to keep a little one warm. While the blanket is double-lined for extra warmth, it’s also breathable so babies don’t sweat in it. The perfect bamboo/viscose blend, this blanket can be used in the stroller or even on the floor for tummy time!

The Little Biscuit Lovey

Every baby needs a lovey. The Little Biscuit Lovey is a great baby shower gift because it’s delicate enough for a baby’s skin. The soft pillowy construction also ensures the ideal cuddle time while providing antimicrobial protection. Don’t forget about the knotted corners that make it easier to hold on to or tie a pacifier too.

There you have it, the best shower gifts from Little Biscuits. Bamboo baby clothes and gear make the perfect new baby gift!