Helping Mom Relax

Helping Mom Relax

Being a mom is anything but easy, and we know that. As much as we love our kids, we need to love ourselves too. Our body and mind need us more than we think. Follow the 5 simple steps below to help provide your body with a moment of relaxation.

1. Turn the bath on, run some warm water, pour in some bubbles, slide in and relax. Submergence in water can help reduce pain and inflammation while also easing the nervous system and reducing levels of anxiety and stress in your body. While taking your bath, breathe deep and remember you deserve this! Add some spa music in the background for a bonus!

2. Put those boots that were made for walking on and take a walk! Research has shown that walking promotes the release of certain brain chemicals (endorphins) that stimulate relaxation and ease stress. Smell the fresh air. Look around at how beautiful nature is. Breathe in and breathe out. Your mind will thank you.

3. Stop letting that book just sit in your nightstand. Curl up in a blanket, and drift into another world. There is just something about reading that makes you forget your own world for at least a few minutes. Get lost in someone else's story whether a self-help book or a great romance. You will not regret this one, we promise.

4. Call your bestie. Whether it is your mom, sister, cousin, or best friend, give her a call! Rant about all the things, good and bad. Sometimes talking about whatever is going on in your world is all you need to let go of the anxiety or frustrations. Chances are that they have been through a similar situation and felt the same way. That may be all you need to help you find a solution or even just release the trapped feelings. Let’s say it together... “Let it go.”

5. Simply pause and take a breather (a real pause, like stop what you are doing for five minutes minimum). We know laundry piles up, the dishes are constantly needing done,and the trash needs to go out. When we only focus on our lists of chores, we allow some of the best moments to pass us by. We promise, the laundry, dishes, and trash will eventually get done. But for now, take a second to pause and stop letting those sweet little moments slip away.



If you needed a sign to relax, take this as it. Being a mom requires being there for your kid(s), but if you don’t take care of YOU, you won’t be any good for them.