Does My Baby Need Long Sleeve Pj’s for Sleeping?

One of the things new moms often worry about is dressing their baby for sleeping. You want to find the perfect temperature for the nursery and checking in periodically to make sure they seem comfortable. Maybe you’ve tried to figure out how many layers they need to sleep well. You may wonder if your baby needs long sleeve pj’s for sleeping. It turns out that dressing your baby for sleep is not too difficult to figure out. Here are a few tips.

Dressing your Baby for Sleep

Dressing Baby for the Temperature

Generally speaking, your baby should be dressed similarly to what adults wear at the same temperature. Of course, during the summer months, you’ll use fewer layers, and during the winter months, you’ll want to use thicker fabrics and more layers. However, babies usually only need an additional layer over what an adult would wear to be comfortable. In colder climates, footed pajamas or a sleep sack ensures their feet stay covered throughout the night, especially as they grow bigger and start moving their feet more. Long sleeve pj’s and onesies can help ensure their arms and extremities stay warm enough all night.

How to tell if Your Baby is Comfortable

It’s an old wives tale that a baby needs to be bundled up from head to toe to sleep well. Newborns may feel more secure being swaddled with a soft blanket. However, once they start moving around more, it’s safer to stop swaddling and cover them with a light blanket. During the cooler months, long sleep pj’s can help ensure their little arms are warm even if they move during the night. The suggested temperature for sleeping babies is between 68 and 72 degrees. But it’s not worth obsessing over.

To double check your baby, simply feel of the back their neck or their belly with your hand. If they feel slightly warm, it’s likely they are warm enough. If they feel hot to the touch, remove a layer of clothing. The key is adjusting the temperature, so the room is not too cold or too hot. If the temperature is comfortable to you, it’s likely your baby is comfortable too. Babies may cry to let you know they feel too cold.

Choosing the Best Clothes for Baby’s Sleep

Here are a few suggestions for ways to dress your baby for sleep. Please keep in mind, that it will depend on your climate, the season, and overall environment. You may want to adjust for environments that are warmer or cooler than average or as the seasons change.

Long-Sleeve Onesie with Footies

Long sleeve pj’s with footies are a great choice in cooler weather. Little Biscuit onesies with footies include built-in mittens to ensure baby’s hands stay warm and protect them from scratching their faces. Bamboo onesies are breathable and help baby say warm in winter and cool in summer.


For the warmer months, onesies are a great option. They keep baby’s torso covered without being too hot. Onesies are nice when it’s not quite cold enough for footed or long sleeve pj’s. When the weather is colder, onesies can provide a beneficial layer under pj’s to ensure baby stays snug and warm.

Little Biscuit Sac

For newborns, the Little Biscuit sac is ideal. It’s easy to get on and off a newborn, and the knotted bottom helps keep their tiny feet warm. The bamboo fabric is soft against baby’s skin and provides a cozy, comfortable sleeping environment and an alternative to using blankets in the crib.

Bamboo Baby Blanket

Whether you want to swaddle your newborn, or add a layer for warmth, the bamboo baby blanket is a great choice for keeping your baby comfortable while sleeping. Since bamboo is breathable, it helps prevent sweating, so baby remains comfortable during a napping session or nighttime sleep.


Baby’s Long Sleeve Pj’s from Little Biscuits

Whether you need long sleeve pj’s, bamboo blankets, or cozy onesies, Little Biscuits Clothing has you covered! You’ll find our bamboo baby clothes comfortable for your baby. If you need help choosing the best options for your baby, please contact us. We’ll be happy to answer any questions and help you find just what your baby needs.