4 Practical Reasons a Onesie Belongs in Your Baby’s Sleep Wardrobe

During the first few months of your baby’s life, they will sleep a lot. That makes sense because they’ve got a lot of growing and developing going on, right? For you as a parent, it just means you want to make sure they are comfy and cozy while they sleep whether they are napping during the day or sleeping at night. One item that is essential for your baby’s sleep wardrobe is the onesie.

These one-piece outfits cover most of the baby’s body, including their feet, legs, and torso. Little Biscuit onesies are made from bamboo, so they are breathable and soft against your baby’s delicate skin. They also come in a variety of colors and are durable, so you can use them for future babies. The onesie is practical and useful and can potentially make your day run a bit more smoothly. Here are four reasons onesies belong in a baby’s sleep wardrobe.

4 Benefits of Baby Onesies

Onesies Keep Your Baby Comfy, Cozy, and Warm

It’s hard for a baby to regulate their body temperature. It’s essential to make sure they are dressed appropriately while they develop. Onesies and pjs with feet provide full-body coverage. This can help your baby stay cozy and warm while they are sleeping. Bamboo fabrication helps with this as well since it is a very breathable fabric.

Prevents Scratching

Newborns have sharp fingernails, and they often scratch their delicate facial skin. Our long sleeve onesie with footies features built-in mittens for newborns up to 6 months. These attached mittens cover the baby’s hands and prevent them from scratching their faces. They also help keep their tiny hands warm. The onesie also has footsies to ensure their feet stay warm.

Onesies are Designed for Easy Diaper Changes

It doesn’t take a new parent long to be a champion diaper changer! But those middle-of-the-night changes are always challenging. A onesie will help keep your baby warm and comfy during the process. Our two-way zipper is specifically designed to help make diaper changes faster and easier, even in the middle of the night.

Versatility and Style

Little Biscuit’s onesies come in a variety of styles and colors. They are stylish, modern, and versatile. As your baby grows and seasons change, you may find it’s time to transition to the footless onesie. The footless design is perfect for little ones who tend to get hot. It’s also a great choice for babies who are transitioning into active toddlers.

Why Choose Bamboo Onesies for Your Little Ones

Bamboo viscose fabrication is a great choice for baby clothes. It’s also a great choice for the environment since it is sustainable, easy to grow, and easily replenished. There are many reasons to choose bamboo clothing over cotton options for your baby, including these five reasons.

  • Bamboo baby clothes are incredibly soft and comfortable against your baby’s skin.
  • Bamboo has antifungal, antibacterial, and hypoallergenic properties.
  • Bamboo fabrication is breathable and helps regulate your baby’s body temperature.
  • Bamboo is amazingly durable and strong, so bamboo baby clothing can be used for future babies, or rehomed with other families.
  • Bamboo is eco-friendly and sustainable. Making clothing out of bamboo requires very little water, few chemicals, and minimal equipment.

Bamboo Onesies from Little Biscuits

Are you looking for natural clothing options for your little one? Bamboo clothing from Little Biscuits is just what you need. Our clothing line is designed to be practical and durable. Bamboo is a healthy option and safe to place next to your baby’s delicate skin. Our sizes extend from newborns and preemies to 4T. Check out our wide variety of options! Let us know how we can help you; we’d love to hear from you!