How to Prepare for Your Baby’s First Trip

The good thing about traveling with babies is that they are very portable. At least, that’s mostly the case until they start moving around a lot and speaking. But when you look at all the things you use every day to care for your little one, just thinking about packing up for a trip can be overwhelming. What are the most necessary items? What could you do without, at least for the short term? Here are a few useful tips to help you get prepared for your baby’s first trip.

Packing for Your Little One’s First Trip

You’ll want your baby to feel at home as much as they possibly can while you are on a trip. Of course, this means traveling with all the gear you use daily. Your list of items to pack can start stacking up between toys, supplies, diapers, wipes, and changes of clothes. As you begin to compile your packing list, think about your baby’s needs as strategically as you can.

Packing Baby Clothes

Packing your baby’s clothes is relatively simple. If your baby is a spitter-upper, then you’ll want to bring plenty of bibs and onesies. You may be able to get by with taking fewer items if they don’t typically spit up much. You really only need to pack the number of outfits they typically go through at home. Don’t forget their pjs and sleep sac. If you are taking a longer trip, call ahead to make sure laundry facilities are available.

Packing Baby Gear

Your baby’s clothes are pretty tiny, it’s all the extra gear that makes packing for your baby so difficult. To ease your trip through a terminal or station, it’s probably worth it to invest in compact, multipurpose, and lightweight items. They serve dual purposes and lighten the load. Think about a portable crib, collapsible highchair, or a lightweight stroller.  Just be sure you review how they work before taking them along on a trip.

You may also be able to reduce the amount of gear you need if you’ll be staying in a hotel. Call ahead to see if they provide a highchair or crib. Unless you are traveling to some remote village, you can usually by some common items once you arrive, like wipes and diapers. This way you only need to pack a small amount for the drive or flight. Include some extras in case you are delayed. Unless you need specific brands, you can buy items like baby shampoo or lotion once you reach your destination.

Packing Baby Hygiene Essentials

You may be able to get by packing a limited number of wipes, but make sure to pack some essentials. Think of things like chest rub, saline drops, snot-sucker, and a thermometer. Take along common medicines you might need should your baby get sick. Just be sure to check with the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) about any container restrictions, since they change from time to time.

Packing Food ,Toys, and Lovies

Unless your baby is still very tiny, don’t forget some toys. But if you’re toting a toddler, you’ll want a decent stash to ensure they stay busy along the way. Include a few of their older, favorite toys, and bring a few new ones too. Just make sure to leave all the rattly, talking, or squeaky toys behind so you don’t annoy fellow travelers. Bring a few snacks for your baby and for you. If you are pumping or nursing, invest in a portable hands-free pump and some cleaning wipes for easy cleaning of the pump parts.

If your baby has already attached to a lovie, or has a favorite blanket, make sure to pack it where it is easy to grab as needed. A blanket or lovey can help keep babies calm, which helps them deal with all the new sights and sounds. But it can also mean they sleep better while on the road.


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