5 Newborn Clothing Must-Have Essentials

Becoming a parent is very exciting, but it can be equally overwhelming. Most parents check and double-check everything in their nurseries before baby arrives. You may wonder if you picked the right clothes, got the best diaper bag, and have enough blankets. Every parent gets a bit nervous is the last few weeks leading up to the birth of a child. You’ve probably spent a lot of time and effort getting everything ready and perfect. Now you’re ready to bring your newborn baby home. As a new parent, it’s important to acknowledge you’re going to make mistakes, but its also important to get your parental journey off on the right foot.

There are tons of basics for today’s nursery from diapers to lotions, cribs to mobiles, you’ve got everything ready to welcome your bundle of joy. But how do you know which newborn clothes you need for sure. You certainly don’t want to purchase items you don’t need, but you want to make sure the basics are covered. Here are five must-have newborn clothes essentials.

 The Top 5 Must-Haves in Newborn Clothes

Newborn Clothing Essential #1: Onesies Are a Versatile Must-Have

No nursery or newborn clothes wardrobe is complete without onesies. They are designed to keep baby warm and secure, while also making it easy for a quick diaper change. At Little Biscuits, we have a long-sleeve footed onesie that ensure baby’s feet stay warm. And we also offer the footless onesie to help keep baby cooler in the warmer months. This one-piece is a staple for your baby for the first few months. You may want to have several on hand.

Newborn Clothing Essential #2: Sleepwear

Newborns typically spend a lot of their first few months sleeping. For this reason, you’ll want to have plenty of sleepwear options on hand. Nighttime baby clothes usually have footed options to ensure baby stays cozy and warm during their sleeping hours. Onesies are a great option for making sure newborns stay warm and covered while they are sleeping. A sleep sac is another great option that grows with your newborn. The Little Biscuit Sac keeps baby’s toes covered and warm and comes with fold-over mittens for their tiny hands. The Sac’s bamboo fabrication is breathable and helps regulate baby’s body temperature while they are sleeping.

Newborn Clothing Essential #3: Tops & Bottoms

You’ll want an assortment of tops and bottoms for your new baby. Newborns need to be changed numerous times each day. A onesie is a great option, but additionally you may want a small collection of tops and bottoms for daytime wear. Having a few outfits on hand can let you mix and match as different clothing items may need to be changed periodically. Babies also need to be kept comfortable, so you’ll want to choose fabric that is breathable and temperature-regulating like bamboo.

 toddler with a little biscuit blanket

Newborn Clothing Essential #4: Swaddles & Blankets

Of course, newborn clothes are important for keeping your baby dressed and comfortable. But the first few months, in particular, you’ll want a few swaddles and blankets to wrap them in so they feel snug. Wrapping your baby in a blanket, or swaddling them keeps them warm and comfy. Blankets are a must-have whether you are taking the baby out for a while, or keeping them cozy at home. A blanket or swaddle is useful no matter how they are dressed. But remember you’ll need a few of them as they become soiled often.

Newborn Clothing Essential #5: Socks

Adding socks or booties to your newborn’s wardrobe can be extremely useful. Plus, they are a cute addition to many outfits. Simple socks are helpful for keeping baby’s toes warm. Hands and feet both contain blood vessels that help regulate body temperature. Have you ever stuck one foot out from under the covers because you were too hot? Or, maybe you’ve worn socks at night to keep warm. Babies are the same, and keeping their feet and hands covered can help their bodies regulate their temperature.

 Little Biscuits Clothing

Little Biscuits Clothing is a great place to start when looking for newborn clothing essentials. Whether you are planning and preparing for your sweet one’s arrival, or looking for a great baby gift, we’ve got just what you need! Check out our bamboo clothing line and let us know if you have any questions. We’d love to hear from you.