5 Things I Had Forgotten About Newborns

While carrying your first baby, you try to learn as much as you can about newborns. Most new moms are pretty content, knowing they don’t have to know everything. There’s an acceptance of the  unknown and a willingness to roll up your sleeves and get busy learning. But when you have your next baby, you may think you’ve got a good handle on it all, especially if you have them pretty close together. It’s possible you will remember all those random things that go with caring for a newborn, but it isn’t always the case. It’s easy to forget some of the key things about newborns, since they grow into toddlers so quickly. Of course, every baby is an individual and very different, so there’s a few things about newborns that are easy to forget. Here are six small reminders.

How Small Newborn Babies Are at Birth

Most newborns are tiny. The first two weeks, they can be very small and they lose a small amount of their body weight over the first few days. It takes them about two weeks to gain it back. Sometimes, newborns are so little they don’t even fit into clothes that are sized for newborns. Babies that are born at 8 or 9 pounds often wear newborn clothing, but they will likely outgrow it in just a couple of weeks. You may not need newborn sizes for very long, but it’s good to have them on hand for the first few weeks. A Little Biscuit Sac is great for babies to wear during these first few months as they adjust to growing babies.

Babies Will Need to be Burped

Most new parents know that babies need to be burped. But sometimes, it’s easy to forget it until you’ve already fed them a few times. Being focused on getting them to eat can distract you from burping, since their first few meals are quite the accomplishment. Nothing horribly drastic is going to happen if you forget to burp them, but it can be helpful for relieving their discomfort. It can help alleviate an upset tummy or colic.

Babies Have Teenager-Type Skin

Baby acne is a real thing. Before having your first baby, you may think that baby skin was television perfect. But at about three weeks of age, you may notice the skin on their backs and faces starting to break out with baby acne. Most of the time, it is short-lived. Newborns can have various skin issues, including diaper rash, dry skin, eczema, and milia, which appears as little white spots. Try to schedule any photo shoots a little later out to avoid skin issues.

An “Old Man” Hairline

Just about the time your little ones start getting over baby acne, you may notice a receding hairline. They can quickly go from teenager issues (acne) to old man issues (losing their hair). Even if they are born with a head full of hair, most babies will lose their baby hair in the first year as their “real” hair replaces it. For some babies, the hair loss happens so slowly you may not notice it. But for other babies, they may go completely bald before their new hair grows in. This is a normal process, and it can be exciting to wait to see what color their new hair will be when it shows up.

newborn baby crying

Peak Crying Weeks

Babies may not cry as much as you expected during their first few weeks. They will be busy sleeping most of the time. However, at about two weeks, they may start crying. A lot. It should peak at about 6 weeks of age. It may seem that just about the time you’ve got a handle on caring for your newborn, they start crying. During their crying period, which usually lasts from two weeks to three or four months. It usually peaks about midway through, and then begins to taper off. There is usually no discernable reason why babies cry. Even though it can be intense, it is normal and they should outgrow it quickly. It may feel like forever, though.


Newborn Baby Clothes from Little Biscuits

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