5 Tips for Keeping Your Baby Comfy and Cozy All Year Long

It’s natural for new parents to feel anxious about keeping their babies comfy and cozy. The baby can’t talk yet, so they can’t tell parents if they are too cold or too hot, which makes it hard to know for sure. Many parents spend a lot of time worrying about whether they are comfortable or not.

Regulating Your Baby’s Body Temperature

For the first eight weeks of their lives, babies are most sensitive to temperature. Actually, babies cannot properly regulate their body temperature until they are between 18 and 24 months of age. This means it’s important to keep them from being too cool, and from overheating too. Overheating is dangerous for babies, and it is linked to higher risks of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). There are some ways to keep your baby comfy and cozy, so they are not too cool or too hot.

Ways to Keep Baby Comfy and Cozy

1. Regulating Body and Room Temperatures

Babies have trouble regulating their own body temperature early on, but they can still feel too hot or too cold. It is recommended that the temperature in the baby’s room be kept between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit all year long. Be sure to check the actual temperature in their room as it can be a little hotter or colder than the overall thermostat setting. You can also adjust your baby’s outfits to help keep them warm or cool. Dressing your baby in a onesie or a sleep sac can ensure their extremities stay covered.

2. Use Natural Fabrication

Choosing natural fabric options is a great way to help keep your baby comfy and cozy too. Natural fabrics such as bamboo provides good insulation and helps keep the baby cool if it’s hot. The breathable quality of bamboo helps babies regulate body temperature. There are also some other benefits of choosing natural fabrics such as bamboo. For instance, bamboo is extremely soft against baby’s sensitive skin. It is a durable choice, so you get more for your money. Natural fabrics are also sustainable and kinder to the environment. They are also less likely to cause a rash. This is why at Little Biscuits we use high-quality bamboo fabrication for our baby blankets and clothing items.

modern nursery and crib

3. Keep the Crib Safe

You may think about lots of warm, thick blankets and fluffy pillows when you imagine a cozy bed. But for babies, these items pose a suffocation risk. To ensure your baby is comfy, cozy, and safe, there shouldn’t be aby other items such as bumpers, blankets, or comforters in the crib with them. Stuffed animals, dolls, pillows, and other items do not belong in the bassinet or crib. For a comfy crib, select a comfortable, firm mattress covered with a fitted sheet. Unless the sheets become soiled, they only need to be changed and washed about once a week.

4. Use White Noise

Playing white noise can help your baby feel more comfortable in the nursery. While they were in the womb, they were surrounded by constant sound, so white noise can help comfort them. A white noise machine or an app can be used to play sounds while baby is falling asleep. You may think that white noise isn’t delicate, but instead, it is more like what your baby heard in the womb. You may find that playing the sounds at a higher level helps them fall asleep faster, then once they are asleep, the volume can be turned down.

5. Limit Light Sources

As it begins to get dark outside, adults begin to get ready for sleep. Keeping your baby’s room dark, can help them sleep better. You want to keep it as dark as possible while they are asleep. You may want to use blackout shades or curtains to eliminate natural light during the daytime hours so they can sleep uninterrupted.


Let Little Biscuits Help Your Little One Stay Comfy and Cozy

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