6 Factors to Consider When Buying Baby Clothes for a New Baby Boy or Girl

It’s exciting to prepare for the arrival of a new baby boy or girl. Newborn baby clothes are fun to sort through and create outfits as you begin this new phase of life. When you purchase new baby clothes, you want to ensure they are comfy and cozy in their outfits. Of course, you also want them to be safe. With so many options available, it can be a bit overwhelming to choose for your new baby boy or girl. Here are six factors to consider as you build your baby’s wardrobe.

Baby Clothes Fabrication

It’s a bit tempting to dress your new baby girl or boy in trendy, bright, and expensive clothes. They can be so cute! Fancy outfits do have their place, but they can be rough against a baby’s sensitive skin. Newborns have very sensitive skin, so whatever goes next to it needs to be soft and gentle. The best option for baby clothes fabrication is bamboo. Bamboo fabric is plant-based, sustainable,  and provides a natural softness against baby’s skin. Bamboo’s unique characteristics include breathability, anti-microbial properties, and moisture-wicking properties. Bamboo baby clothes help the baby regulate their body temperature and keeps them comfortable.

Style and Function

When buying newborn baby clothes, consider their functionality. Newborns spend most of their time sleeping, so it’s important to choose comfortable clothing like a onesie or a sleep sack. Make sure to choose items that are easy to put on and take off. Choose items that can stand up to being laundered frequently. Babies often go through several outfits each day. You can save yourself some time by buying items that do not need a lot of TLC when it comes to laundering, such as bamboo baby clothing.

Choosing Appropriate Sizes

Picking out an adorable piece for your new baby only to discover it is too small is greatly disappointing. It’s also a huge hassle and effort to exchange it. Making sure to get the right size ensures a comfortable fit, but also allows your baby to move easily. If you have a difficult time deciding on the size, it’s always recommended to buy a bigger size. This compensates for growth spurts.


Sometimes, safety is overlooked when it comes to buying newborn baby clothes. You may have noticed there are often recalls on baby clothes due to failure to meet safety standards. It’s vital to make purchases that do not raise safety concerns for your baby. Avoid buying clothes that have decorations like buttons, hooks, flowers, or bows, as they can pose choking hazards.

Season and Climate

If you don’t think about the seasons, you may end up with clothes your baby isn’t going to get to wear. By thinking ahead a little bit, and giving some thought to your buying clothes for your new baby boy or girl, you can get the most use out of the clothes you do decide to purchase. Think about what season you’ll be in when the baby is born, as well as the overall climate in your region.

Baby Clothes Cost

It’s easy to spend way too much money on cute baby clothes. You can save money by limiting the number of items you buy. You can also save money by purchasing gender-neutral clothing. This is a great idea if you are considering having more children. By saving onesies and pjs for your next child, you can cut even more costs. However, please note that frugality isn’t always buying the lowest priced items. It’s not worth it to compromise quality for price. Two or three quality items is better than four or five cheap ones that are not going to last.


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