The Little Biscuits Difference

Meet Little Biscuits. We are a new baby clothing line that is committed to providing practical baby clothes that are made from only the best materials. Our snuggly baby clothes are the perfect choice if you’re looking for clothes for your new baby girl or new baby boy, or need to pick up a baby shower gift. Once you feel the difference the Little Biscuits brand brings, you’ll never want your baby to wear anything else!

 One of the best things about the Little Biscuits Brand is that it’s created by a mother-daughter team that knows a thing or two about baby clothes! Let us tell you a little bit more about us and why we chose the materials we did to create our growing line of baby clothes for your little one.

Who Are We?

When it comes to newborn clothes or anything for your baby, you want to know the story behind the product. You want to feel good about what your baby is wearing or using.

Little Biscuits is the brainchild of a mother and daughter who realized baby clothes weren’t as practical as they needed to be. While dressing our little infant son and grandson we often wondered why we had to take his arms out of his onesie to change his diaper. We knew that if we were questioning this, other parents and grandparents must be wondering the same.

 So, that got us thinking…could we create baby clothing to solve this problem and so many others we came across? The answer was a resounding yes!

 We’ve not only combatted that problem with a two-way zipper, but have also provided a protection layer behind the zipper so that your baby’s gentle skin doesn't get caught. That’s only the beginning! We’re constantly thinking of new ways to make smarter baby clothes that also look great.

Why We Love Bamboo

Part of the Little Biscuits’ difference is our commitment to using bamboo as one of the materials. Bamboo is super soft and has just the right amount of stretch so you don’t feel like you’re stuffing your baby into their clothes.

Bamboo is also a healthy option for your baby’s skin because it’s hypoallergenic. It’s environmentally friendly and regulates temperature for warm and cool weather too. As you browse our items, you’ll see that our clothes are made from 95% viscose from bamboo, and 5% spandex. 

We know that you’ll want your baby to wear the Little Biscuits line from the time they’re born and as they grow. That’s why we have sizes that start from preemie and go all the way to 4T, with larger sizes in the works!

We’re glad you’re on this journey with us, and it’s only the beginning! Be sure to check in with us regularly for new items and to see how our brand is growing.