Why Your Newborn Clothes Should Include a Bamboo Baby Sac

Whether you are in the process of preparing your nursery for a newborn, or are shopping for a new baby gift, there are a lot of reasons to include a bamboo baby sac. As a new parent, it’s often hard to determine what types of clothing you need for sleep and bedtime for your new baby. One piece of clothing that can help you ensure your baby gets the best sleep possible, is a baby sac. It can help reduce your stress at bedtime while helping your little get better sleep.

What is a baby sac?

A baby sac is kind of like a wearable blanket or sleeping bag for your baby. The primary purpose is to ensure the baby’s legs and upper torso stay covered while they are sleeping. The design covers everything except the head and neck. They are useful for helping babies maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature while eliminating the need for extra blankets.

When should a baby sac be used?

A bamboo baby sac can be used right after a baby is born. Not only will it help promote good sleep for your baby by keeping them snug and warm, it can also help prevent the Moro reflex. The Moro reflex is a natural response when a baby is startled by a loud noise, or if they feel like they are falling. Sometimes, they will exhibit a startle reflex as they are just going to sleep. Then you have to start trying to get them to sleep all over again. Because the baby sac mimics the feeling of the womb, it can help reduce the Moro reflex in babies so they can sleep more soundly.

How difficult is it to use a baby sleep sac?

It is super easy to place your baby in a sleep sac. The unique design from Little Biscuits Clothing allows you to place your baby in the sac, and their arms in the sleeves easily. The bottom is then knotted just below the baby’s feet for a secure, comfortable fit even as your baby grows. The bamboo fabrication helps maintain baby’s body temperature and the fold-over mittens ensures their tiny hands stay warm too. 

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5 Benefits of a Bamboo Baby Sac

Temperature Control

As a parent, you are naturally concerned about your baby’s comfort at night. It’s important that they are not too hot or too cold. Keeping the room temperature around 70 degrees, based on your comfort level, helps. The sac helps provide you with peace of mind since their arms and feet will remain covered all night long, even as they grow and begin to move around in their beds.

Saves Money

Having a sleep sac can help reduce the need for numerous blankets. They are self-contained, and easily washed and dried. New parents are often shocked at how often they need to purchase additional blankets or replace them. With a baby sac, you won’t need to replace blankets all the time. The one-size design also saves money because you won’t have to purchase new sizes as your baby grows. The knotted bottom allows for plenty of new baby growth.

Moisture Management

For babies, sweating or moisture on their skin, especially at night can cause eczema flare ups. However, bamboo fabrication is naturally absorbent, so it wicks excess moisture away from baby’s skin. This helps keep them comfortable while preventing itchy skin and eczema flare ups.

No Scratching

The newborn bundle from Little Biscuits includes the baby sac which has fold-over mittens that prevent scratching. Babies often scratch at their facing unknowingly as they don’t yet have control of their tiny hands. The mittens provide a barrier between baby’s fingernails and their delicate skin.

Grows With Baby

As your baby grows, they will start to move around in their crib more. The bamboo baby sac allows them to move their arms and legs freely. The baby sac can still be used as babies start to roll over. The design prevents the material from covering the baby’s face.


The Little Biscuit Difference

Are you ready to simplify your baby’s sleep routine? A bamboo baby sac from Little Biscuits Clothing can provide the perfect solution. We know that you sleep better when your baby sleeps better, and the baby sac is designed to improve your baby’s sleep, so you can rest easy too. Our high-quality baby products are made from natural bamboo which is hypo-allergenic, breathable, and soft against baby’s skin. Let us help you take care of your precious bundle!