4 Tips for Organizing Your Newborn Baby Clothes

It can easily feel like doing laundry is your full-time job when a new baby enters your life. Babies can go through a lot of clothes. When babies spit up or their diapers leak, it can mean numerous outfit changes throughout the course of a day. Additionally, since your baby is growing rapidly, they constantly outgrow their newborn clothes.

Getting Started Organizing Newborn Clothes

Organizing your newborn baby clothes can save you quite a bit in terms of time and money. It can also help prevent the need for doing a huge amount of laundry every week. The first step in organizing newborn baby clothes is to go through all their clothes. You will want to take an inventory of everything you have in drawers, storage bins, and the closet. Once you have pulled all your newborn clothes out, you can start organizing them by categories.

1. Gather the Staple Pieces

The first step in organizing newborn baby clothes is to gather any staple pieces. This includes your go-to newborn onesies that are easily paired with other items and tops and bottoms that are easily put on and taken off, as well as other items your baby wears weekly. Don’t forget to include items they sleep in, whether that is long-sleeve pjs or a baby sleep sac. These staple items that you find yourself using a lot should be stored in a conveniently accessible place, such as a top drawer of a dresser or in the front of the closet.

2. Current Newborn Baby Clothes

Once you’ve gathered all your staple items, you can sort them based on what your baby can wear during the current season. If you are in the warmer months, gather up shorts, rompers, tanks, and other newborn clothing made from breathable material like bamboo.  For the cooler months, think about layers, long-sleeve pjs, and other items you can layer. You’ll also want to keep a stack of blankets handy during the colder seasons.

3. Sorting By Sizes

Your newborn is going to grow rapidly during its first year, especially during their first three months. If you have different sizes of baby clothes all shoved into dresser drawers, you may never find what you need, and they may outgrow items before they ever get to wear them. Organizing newborn baby clothes by size can help you work through them as your baby grows. You can also save a lot of time since you won’t have to dig through piles of clothes trying to find the right size when your baby has a growth spurt.

One way to organize baby clothes by size is to invest in storage totes with lids. Each tote can be used to store a specific size. You should only need 6 totes. Separate your baby’s clothes by size:

  • Newborn clothes
  • 0 to 3 months
  • 3 to 6 months
  • 6 to 9 months
  • 9 to 12 months

If you’re counting, that only accounts for 5 totes. But you may want to consider a 6th tote so you can place items as they outgrow them. You can save them to use for your next baby if you are planning on growing your family. They will also be accessible if you want to donate them to another family.

Organizing the totes by size will allow you to use just one tote at a time. When your baby’s clothes start fitting tightly, pull out the tote with the next size up and place the items they have outgrown into the appropriate tote. This is a great way to organize your newborn baby clothes and makes switching sizes simple.

4. Closets, Dressers, or Changing Table Storage

In the first few weeks, you are going to be surprised at how much your baby grows. They will rapidly grow out of one size and into the next. Organizing the newborn baby clothes, you will presently use will require some storage space. You may have a dresser in their room, a changing table, or a closet. How you organize their clothes depends on how much space you have. If your space is limited, you will need to prioritize. During the first few weeks, keep the most used items like onesies nearby so you always have something nearby when changing your baby.

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