How to Choose the Best Diapers and Avoid Diaper Rash

You have plenty of tools to keep your baby’s bottom dry. Your main tools are diapers and wipes. There are some ways to use these two items to your advantage. It’s important to be educated and equipped for taking care of your baby’s diapering needs.

Keeping Wetness Away

One of the first choices you may face is whether to use cloth or disposable diapers. Either way, the most important thing is to keep moisture away from your baby’s sensitive skin. A modern disposable diaper can absorb an enormous amount of moisture, up to 80 times more than a cloth diaper. They also have wicking power, which keeps water and irritating substances away from baby’s skin. When the skin is exposed to wetness, especially for long periods of time, the moisture disrupts the outer layer of skin, which breaks down proteins and alters the pH. This causes inflammation. The important part is to keep moisture away from the baby’s skin.

Cloth vs Disposable Diapers

 If you want to use cloth diapers because of the environmental impact of disposable diapers, just change the diaper more often. Your baby may be fine with cloth diapers. However, if you notice that they start to have problems with diaper rash, just switch to disposables. You can also be a bit strategic and use cloth diapers during the daytime hours, but disposable at night when they may not get changed as often.

Diaper Sizing

If the diaper leaks, or if it fits too closely to the skin, then it’s time to go up a size. The goal is to create some space between the diaper and the skin, so that wetness is held away from the baby’s skin. But you don’t want to cause too large of a gap between the elastic and your baby’s legs, or they will leak.

Avoiding Friction

Friction caused by rubbing can damage the upper layer of skin by shear force. Always pat the area dry instead of rubbing. Think about how you pat your face dry, instead of rubbing. It’s the same principle for a baby’s backside.

Choosing Wipes

Like choosing between different types of diapers, your choice of wipes matter too. Generally, you can use washcloths and water or store-bought wipes. Most research indicates that wipes are gentler against your baby’s bottom than a washcloth and water. Wipes contain an oil-based cleanser that helps remove more diaper debris and helps decrease skin irritation. The cleansers used in wipes is better than water at dissolving and removing pee and poop. Make sure to choose wipes that contain just the essentials. They should be free of benzyl or other mild alcohols. Also avoid wipes that have fragrance added. Some wipes contain methylisothiazolinone, which is a common allergen. However, in most cases, a dry, soft cloth can help keep baby’s skin dry and free from diaper rash.

Protect the Skin

Many cultures practice putting lotions and oils on baby’s bottoms. An oil massage is common in India, for instance. Turns out that oils like sesame, apricot, safflower, and sunflower contain beneficial fatty acids that provide anti-inflammatory properties. Some creams can also help provide a protective layer, especially those with petrolatum and olive oil. It is helpful to use a barrier cream to keep baby’s skin protected. Thicker ointments and creams are more effective than lotions. Even Vaseline helps provide a barrier that protects baby’s skin. Powders, which were used for years, are dangerous, as they can be inhaled by a baby accidentally. Sometimes, diapers stick to barrier creams. If this happens, use petroleum jelly to cover the diaper cream, this will prevent it from sticking to the diaper.


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